Jun. 5th, 2016

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I've been listening to the same song for years now.

I'll never forget the day we fell. It was like we were children. We didn't follow the rules, so we got kicked out of the game. Tossed off the merry-go-round and into the dirt.
There is nobody to kiss my wounds. There is nobody to bandage my scrapes.

I can't complain. Mars has it worse.
He actually liked it up there. It was easier, more predictable. Angels admired him, trusted him... but some scorned him. He was only doing his job, and now he could never go home. I ruined his wings. I poured the salt in his gashes.

Every day here is the same, just like before. It's not much of a hell if you've already been through it. We're bound here by our responsibilities: by our wings.
Mars can't fly, but he wants to.
I can fly, but I don't want to. I would give him my back in an instant, but I can't.
Maybe my guilt is the real hell.

I will not go back. I've heard what Jasper says. The Heavens are trembling. The angels march on light feet. They hunger for justice. They hunger for the blood of my wounds.
Yet the fruit of my bondage will be mine. I know not what I want, but they will not take me.

I've been listening to the same song for years now,
but it's better than death's silence.


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