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The egg yolk sun peeks over the horizon, lighting the treetops with an orange morning glow. The forest is still nearly silent, the birds and other fauna still tucked away or resting under the warming sun. The woods' floor is dark and cold from the night, still lying in wait for the later day's hotter rays.
The tree-enclosed village begins to awaken with the morning sun, but one youngling has already left.

Ginger footsteps across dark and moist soil, the soft click-crunch of pine needles sighing on the forest floor. Chipmunks and robins don't scurry away, already aware that the tawny figure is one of them.
The being steps into a trickling river far from the village, the cold currents tickling their legs as they smile down. The sun is reflecting on the surface as it begins to slowly rise, the rest of the woods still dark and damp and sleeping.

The child sits down in the stream, playing with the water as it dances around their fingers. Small fish dart around warily. The cattails and river weeds are motionless, basking in the beginning of light.
The child looks over the horizon, past the twisting black tangle of morning trees on high. Far, far away there are unfamiliar shapes: sharp, square edges on tall, protruding structures. Even the sun dares not bring them to light.

They stare, unmoving, and the river dances in cool ribbons around them. The sun smiles down on their back. The fish zip around at their sides. The trees bend and twist like gentle arms.
But still they are curious. For as strange and beautiful as they think their forest home is,
humans would always be more dangerous and more intriguing.
They did not know it yet, but this curiosity would lead to the loves of their life
and to their downfalls.
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An arrow whizzed past their head and stopped time. A hand shook within another. What is a battle? What is a side? What is a partner?

Droopy lavender eyes glazed over like frosted flower petals. A moment trapped in the grip of someone else's hand. They laughed.

"It was all for naught, wasn't it?" There is no scorn in their voice as more arrows whiz past, more blades scream.
"You thought I'd trusted you with every secret, did you? Every bitter memory. Every loss, every unreleased woeful tune. There was one thing I never told you."
The voice dropped to octaves so deep that thunder felt envious.
"I love you, yes, and I always will. But if there is one thing you'll never understand, it's this."

They looked the man opposite them straight in the eye, as if preparing to end him.

"You never changed, Florent. No matter how much love I or anyone gives you, that hunger is still there."
They pulled their hand away from his, resting it on the dagger attached to their belt.

"And if you think I will put my love for you over what you have done-- over the compassion I have for Ezra and the others--"
Lavender eyes flashed. Purple. The color of a royal. The color of kings.
They brandished the dagger in their hand, holding it out until it met the throat of their love.

"I will not hesitate."
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Kai's lips are really soft. Like, the guy probably uses some kind of product. It's crazy. And they taste like orange sometimes. That was nice. And you know how fingers intertwine and fit together perfectly? Lips do that too. It's weird. Ben felt weird for thinking about it.

Plus Kai had this really sweet habit of kissing Ben before he ran off to his modeling job. Not even a "good morning", just a kiss and run. The entire day Ben would feel loved.

Kai was really good at that, making people feel loved. Making them feel like they were worthwhile. He'd talk to anyone, compliment them, cheer them on. The merman was hard to hate, but he was so easy to love.

And for Ben, it didn't matter how easy it was. He'd do it even if it were difficult. He'd do anything to give back the beautiful man all of the love he gave. Double that, even. Ben would give Kai every kiss in the world if it helped him to realize how wonderful he truly was.
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bc my baby doesn't get enough love and im gonna change that

There's a fragile line between life and living. He has seen it. He embodies it.
Neil is constantly bombarded with facts, with light, with joy. Although he isn't a living, breathing being, he is so full of life. He couldn't ask for more. Maybe... a person to share it with, but his plants were perfectly good listeners. He fed them, cared for them, cherished them... and in return, they danced in the light for him. He'd seen sights that no human ever would.

Although he can't speak, the world seems to listen. He feels the bubbles of delight pop in his chest and he can never tell if it's real, human feeling or just a spark in his wiring. He's not built for feelings. His system can't handle it. He'd love to try them one day.

Golly, he wished he were human sometimes.

Instead he is a clunky machine. Monitor head too large, hands too cold, heartless. As beautiful of pictures his face could make, he'd never have a real face.
He'd never be able to speak.
Yet he could love.
At least... he thought so. He hoped so.

Is love really love if there's nobody to give it to?
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"Hey, Orion?" Plastic eyelids flitted, the shocking blue irises they hid looking to the side. Two robots lay on the cold lab floor side-by-side, fake hair splayed out like sunbeams and jointed fingers on the ground. No scientists to stop them. Just gentle beeping of machinery among the quiet of afternoon.

"Yes, Gold?" The other responds, shifting his head to look at his opposite. Gold couldn't help but note the slight warmth in Orion's eyes.
A warmth he himself didn't possess. Not anymore.

"We're... friends. Right?" The golden-crowned android asked, brows furrowed. He sounded genuinely perplexed.
"Yeah. What of it?" Orion replied, frowning slightly. What a straightforward question. Well, that was to be expected from Gold.
Gold looked back up at the ceiling. His confused expression melted away.
"I... see."
"Why, is that a problem?"
"Negative. It's the opposite." His voice held little emotion. He always sounded so distant. So... sad. Even when saying happy things.

Without asking, the somber robot carefully took Orion's hand, murmuring a soft word.
Orion was taken aback. "Why are you sorry?"
He felt as if he were talking to a child. Gently.

"I've never had a 'friend'. I'm going to have to change up my programs a bit. The only options I have are 'helper', 'father', or 'enemy'. I'm sure I can install 'friendship'." Gold's lips showed the slightest trace of a smile. Orion couldn't tell if that had been a joke or serious, but he smiled along anyway.

They were both broken souls, taking baby steps in new shoes. New feet. New vessels.
Yet they were willing to try, and together that was enough to do anything.
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If she was being honest, Piper had been terrified when Casey stepped through the doorway. She'd felt like such a mother hen and she hated it. The other was a mess. (And not even a hot one right now, mind you.)
The brunette groaned, looking the other up and down. Mud, bruises, old band-aids, grass stains... you'd think you were looking at a 6 foot 5-year-old. Then she saw it. Casey had been trying to hide it under calloused fingers and ripped nails.

"Casey." Piper ordered, pointing at the other's arm. "Hand off of your elbow. Now."
"What are you, my mom? God." The redhead retorted, turning her half-mane of red hair away. Oh, so she was going to be stubborn about it? Fine.
Piper closed the distance between them, taking Casey's hidden arm in her hands and turning it over to look at the elbow. Surely enough, it was covered in old blood. God, she was always telling the other to wear elbow pads when skating.
"Piper," The taller girl whined, drawing out the "r", "It's no big deal, really."
"No big deal? This needs disinfecting. You're gross."
"Hey, hey. Chill. You know what would make it better?"
"You'd better not say what I th--"
Casey winked, and immediately Piper knew that the childish teen wouldn't shut up until she did it.

Rolling her eyes, Piper lifted up her partner's arm and quickly pressed a kiss on the wound.
"Satisfied?" She sighed, looking to the other for a positive reaction. Yet... all she got was a smirk. And it was growing.
Wait a second...

"No way. No fucking way. Casey motherfucking Jett, that tasted like sugar. That scrape was faker than Kim K's ass."
Casey let out a victorious laugh, fist pumping the air.
"You totally fell for it! I've been wearing pads when I skate ever since you told me to, so there's no way I could've actually gotten hurt, you nerd."

In the moment of Piper feeling touched that Casey had actually taken her advice, the redhead had already pulled her into a tight embrace.
"Ok, ok, but get this--" Casey sounded fucking giddy, and Piper loved it. Gross.
"I scraped my elbow falling for you."
Piper could hear the eyebrow waggling even though she couldn't see Casey's face.
"You are the biggest nerd I've ever met." It was an insult, but the brunette found herself smiling.
"Good, I try."
"Now please tell me the mud is fake too. This was a new shirt."
"I make no promises."
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I've been listening to the same song for years now.

I'll never forget the day we fell. It was like we were children. We didn't follow the rules, so we got kicked out of the game. Tossed off the merry-go-round and into the dirt.
There is nobody to kiss my wounds. There is nobody to bandage my scrapes.

I can't complain. Mars has it worse.
He actually liked it up there. It was easier, more predictable. Angels admired him, trusted him... but some scorned him. He was only doing his job, and now he could never go home. I ruined his wings. I poured the salt in his gashes.

Every day here is the same, just like before. It's not much of a hell if you've already been through it. We're bound here by our responsibilities: by our wings.
Mars can't fly, but he wants to.
I can fly, but I don't want to. I would give him my back in an instant, but I can't.
Maybe my guilt is the real hell.

I will not go back. I've heard what Jasper says. The Heavens are trembling. The angels march on light feet. They hunger for justice. They hunger for the blood of my wounds.
Yet the fruit of my bondage will be mine. I know not what I want, but they will not take me.

I've been listening to the same song for years now,
but it's better than death's silence.
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Day 3
Time: 1:00 a.m.
Location: Unknown

Initiating mental record program...

I've made a discovery. 
I've been pulling at my fingers a lot. Oddly enough, it doesn't hurt. I've heard that if your brain weren't functioning you could bite your fingers off like baby carrots. A not-so-fun fact.
My fingers don't feel like normal. Smoother, almost. Cold. They feel like corpse fingers.
I'm dying?

I accidentally pulled one off today.
I should be in the hospital right now, except it didn't hurt. It just popped right off. 
There was a metal joint in there where I'm supposed to have severed, bloody skin. 
I'm scared.

Since that happened I've been testing the rest of my limbs. They all seem to work the same. They pop off, some revealing wires and shining metal. Not a drop of blood to be found. At one point I got excited over what I thought was bodily fluid. It was oil.
I'm confused.

What happened three days ago? The scientists have been avoiding me. Is there something on my face? They can't meet my eyes, much less provide me a mirror.
I'm lonely.
Very, very lonely.

Why won't anyone tell me what's going on? Where's my father?
Why isn't my heart beating? Where is my flesh? Where is my blood? Where di d th e y g-

Mental record program: closed.
Initiating subject stress-induced rest mode.
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Cerulean. Sea. Oceanic. Scenic. Aquamarine. Crystal. Sapphire. Sky. Sea glass. 

You could drown in them.
Deep pools of salty blue, tide pools warmed on the shore and brimming with new life.

You could fly in them. 
Open air, growing wide and full of curiosity, the sun's light reflecting on a shining cloud glaze. 

You could find love in them.
A reflection, affection, like glimmering mirrors. Melted silver. You could see yourself in them, see yourself in ways you could never imagine on your own. He sees people as who they could be.

Kai's eyes are portals to better places. Doors to where he wants to be. Freedom in the form of big navy blue space, expansive and unexplored blue waters. 
Life in a shade of blue.

Blue veins. Blue lips.
Beautiful blue eyes.
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Ben snapped.
It had been Kai's idea to visit this bar. It was small and dark and smelled like sweat but Kai had convinced him that the alcohol was worth it. You know what wasn't? The company.
Kai had ordered some crazy fruity vodka cocktail or something while Ben had water. He was being a responsible adult tonight, and responsible adults don't get drunk off their ass before driving. 

It had been a half hour or so since they'd arrived and Kai claimed to need the restroom. Ben waved him off, pretending to be interested in the hockey game on the bar TV. God, he didn't want to be here. He could be at home watching Mean Girls with hot chocolate right now, dammit!

It had been about ten minutes and Kai wasn't back. Ben was starting to worry. Climbing off of the bar stool he'd perched on, Ben rushed to the restroom hall. Nothing. He peeked in the bathroom, checking under the stalls for feet. Nothing. Goddammit. 
Once in the hall again Ben heard some noise coming from... outside? Oh god, there was a door to the alley outside at the end of the hall. 

Rushing to throw open the door, the scene before him made Ben both want to cry and rip someone's head off. Two thugs, likely drunk as hell, had Kai slumped against the brick wall of the building, the moon the only source of light. The two drunks turned their heads, staring Ben down. Ben was pretty sure Kai had a black eye and some cuts, but he couldn't tell in the limited light.

Now, Ben wasn't a violent guy. He didn't like hurting people. Not mentally, not physically. But this was pushing his limits. 

Stepping towards them, 
Ben reached for his phone, a clearly pissed off look on his face. They weren't too much bigger. He could take them.
"If you back off now maybe I'll leave you to the authorities and keep my own hands off." Ben grunted. Kai didn't look like he was deathly hurt, just unconscious. Good, Ben didn't want his partner to see this. 

One of the brutes smirked, cracking his knuckles. "Looks like we've got a hero type, eh?" He took a swaggering step towards Ben.
The brunet raised a brow.
"No, just a functioning fiancé." He stated.
The thug looked surprised at that. "Oh, a fag? Now I won't feel as bad when I pound your skull into the pavement."
Okay, no. Wrong move. Ben rushed forward, slugging the guy right in the face, hearing a satisfying crack. The thug staggered backwards, clutching his now broken nose. Ben scowled, strolling over to Kai and scooping him up. 

"Now, if you'll excuse me, this fag," Ben spat the word like it was poison, "Has to get home and take care of this dumb fuck." He snarled down at Kai. It wasn't really his fault, but Ben was still pretty pissed at him.

For now, the freckled man was going to confidently strut out of the alley, leaving behind a baffled couple of drunks. He'd sic some of his goose friends on the two first thing tomorrow. For now, he'd get Kai home to tend to the wounds.
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idek what this is but it isn't the hans fic lol maybe next time

Ben stared at the ceiling, a worried look plastered on his face. He'd been having some strange thoughts recently. More sad than strange, honestly. 
Kai would be worried. That's why Ben didn't want to share. He'd do anything to keep the bad things of the world away from his best friend. His everything. 

The ceiling stared back down. Sometimes Ben felt like he was being crushed by his own room. Like the building was closing in on him. He was born for open skies, not a big, paper-covered cement box. 
Did Kai ever feel this way? Did he wish he was in the sea, in his element again? Was the human world ever more of a hell and less of a paradise for him?

Ben rolled over on his bed, burying his face in a pillow. Was there a way to stop thinking? He didn't want Kai to miss home. Not because it hurt Kai, but because Ben was selfish. He was selfish and greedy and he wanted Kai to be his forever. For him to be by his side and literally pull his hand through life, through the fun experiences and devastating losses. 

It was hard to breathe with the pillow pressed to his face. Permanent loss of breath... death. That was how one stops thinking. Stops suffering. Stops loving. True freedom.
Flipping over again and moving the pillow to hug it, Ben continued to ponder.

Being the... creature he was, how long would he live? 
Would Kai leave first?
Would one of them be stuck alone in this hell called the human world? 

Ben didn't think he could stand that. Don't some animals die of loneliness? Did that include himself? 

Seeing Kai in a dream-like state, radiant but dull. Those glowing blue eyes shut for good, him all dressed in white, surrounded by flowers and unbrea-- ... no. No. Ben refused to think about that.

Quickly pushing off the covers, Ben rushed to the window and loudly threw open the curtains, breathing heavily. The peachy morning was just beginning to melt away the murky blue-black of the night. The stars were just barely visible. Suddenly, the future didn't matter so much. Ben felt the muscles in his face he didn't know were clenched soften. His hands fell to his sides, missing a certain pair of matching ones. He could see the sky. He'd never be trapped, not as long as the sky was there. 

After all, what was more free and dazzling than a future with the one you love? Not even the glittering sky compared. They would survive, together. And when the time did come when one of them left the other behind, all they would need to do is look to the blue abyss.

Ben didn't think he could forget the cerulean sky in Kai's eyes even if he tried. 
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"Sir Benjamin Forrest of the Eastern Mountains." The king's voice thundered, echoing throughout the castle's Great Hall. Were the formalities really necessary? As if the king's dramatic tone wasn't enough to make the brunet cringe already. 
He was kneeling before the throne, head bowed to stare at the red carpet. Finally, a mission he could complete despite being a newcomer. After all, he was the only knight bred in the mountains. Not so disposable now, huh? The higher-ups would eat their words.

"You may rise." The king nodded down to the freckled knight. Half of the kingdom had come to see Ben's return. It had only been a mountain journey, holy hell. He hadn't slain any dragons. A couple ogres and possessed animals, yes, but no dragons. The plan should still work, no matter the extra eyes. They'd worked on this for weeks.

The second he stood up, Ben's eyes flicked around the throne area of the room. The king's many daughters were seated around him, while the buff-looking princes sat on smaller thrones at his sides, excluding the youngest. The princesses were all quite pretty, dressed up in jewel colors and all sorts of crazy hairpieces (Ben couldn't understand royal fashion trends).

The king smiled toothily, outstretching his arms. "As a reward for your valiant efforts, I will allow your marriage to one of my daughters." Unsurprisingly, not one of the princesses looked too pleased by this statement.
Ben immediately shook his head, looking the king right in the eye. Go time.

"Actually, I'd prefer something else, your majesty." Ben replied, biting back a frightened grimace. There was no turning back now. He straightened up, trying to sound confident. This was their chance!
"I would like your youngest son." 

At the mention of the youngest prince, a pretty raven-haired boy around Ben's age (possibly older?) practically strutted into the Great Hall and over to the king's side. Ben reminded himself to yell at the little drama queen later. 
"So you're in need of a servant? Riches?" The king raised a gray brow, puzzled by Ben's sudden statement. The youngest prince looked mildly annoyed by the usage of "servant". 

"No, your majesty." The jade-eyed knight bowed deeply, avoiding the judgmental look he was about to receive. "I wish for his hand. Not one your daughters'." 
The prince was bouncing on the balls of his feet, looking mighty excited. The king groaned, resting his chin in one hand and making a shooing motion with the other. 
"Fine, fine. You can have him. All he does is whine and embroider, anyway."

At that, the prince just barely barreled into Ben, the two laughing and smiling. It was as if the rest of the room didn't matter. 
"It worked, Ben! It worked! I can't believe you actually did it!" Kai, the youngest of the princes, rejoiced.
"Shut up, you fool!" Ben ruffled the other's hair, pressing a quick peck to his forehead.
The two laughed, clasping hands and heading towards the castle door. 

The shocked looks of the royals and townsfolk didn't matter. Nothing mattered to Ben except Kai, and now they wouldn't have to hide their affections. Not from his family, not from the servants, not from the rest of the world. No more midnight room visits or secret embraces in the corridors.

Ben supposed there really were such thing as happily ever afters.
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I'm easily hurt but didn't know I could cry this hard. I've breathed in fire but didn't know my lungs could burn this much. I didn't know a lot of things. Where is your breath? Where is the gentle rise and fall of your chest? Can I give you mine?

I didn't know this would be so difficult. That's a lie. I knew it would be hard. This is war. War kills people, Kai.
We aren't people, though. Are we? Are we better? Are we worse?
Are we worthless? Are we cursed? You weren't. Stars can't be cursed.

I thought we had a chance, Kai. When we held hands before the battle and you told me that everything was okay and that I didn't need to cry and that we were stronger together and that we could win I believed you. 
You broke that promise, Kai. It's the first time you ever have.

I'm not supposed to be holding you like this. I'm not supposed to be carrying you home. I'm not supposed to have to scream. I'm not supposed to see you leave first. WHY DID YOU LEAVE FIRST? 

I can't do this.

You're so cold, Kai. I'm not used to it.

I can't do this. 

I didn't know a lot of things. 
You're so cold. Your hands. Your face. 
Your heart isn't beating, Kai.

I don't know if mine is, either. 
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@mel im not sorry at all
i would kill for benkai

It wasn't the most common of occurrences, but sometimes Kai had nightmares.
Ben knew this for a fact. It didn't matter if Kai admitted it or not, the look on his face when he woke with a start told everything. Cerulean eyes wide, like a storm was brewing inside. You could see into his mind as if his beautiful orbs were tide pools. Tonight was no different.

Ben had been woken up by a loud gasp for air, as if someone was choking. Like a fish out of water. Even in the dark bedroom the brunet could make out his partner's panicked profile. It took mere seconds for him to throw the covers off of his legs and scoot to the other's side. 
It was almost as if Kai was petrified, face frozen and breathing scarce. Ben did the first thing that came to mind: surround the other with warmth to melt the fear away.

The freckled man wrapped his arms around the startled merman, coaxing him closer. He pushed his dark bangs aside and pressed a tender kiss to his forehead, smiling. 
Ben had a lot of experience dealing with bad dreams. Whenever his sister had them she would sneak into his room and wake him up, wanting to tell him all about her dream and eventually make him read her a story. Or sing her a lullaby, on some occasions. This memory gave Ben an idea.

He was no Justin Timberlake or Frank Sinatra but Ben could sing. Somewhat. Not in front of crowds, but it's not like Kai would laugh. Not in his current condition, at least. It was worth a shot.

Taking a deep breath, Ben rested his chin on the top of Kai's head, still holding him close, and began the song. His singing was soft, gentle. The whispering breeze through a meadow of dandelions. 

"Come stop your crying
It will be alright
Just take my hand
Hold it tight

I will protect you
From all around you
I will be here
Don't you cry

For one so small,
You seem so strong
My arms will hold you,
Keep you safe and warm
This bond between us
Can't be broken
I will be here
Don't you cry

'Cause you'll be in my heart
Yes, you'll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more

You'll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You'll be here in my heart, always"

By the time he was finished, Kai was back to sleep. Ben prayed that he wouldn't remember this in the morning, but who knows with his tough luck. 

The last thing Ben saw before dozing off was the sweetest smile on Kai's face. 
In that moment, he swore that he'd endure a thousand nightmares if it meant seeing that beautiful face when he woke.
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ayyy here's a mars drab
it's actually written as a song, look at those radical rhymes! B) imagine this as a super dramatic Disney broadway song being sung on a rooftop with pretty leaves blowing in the wind or something

I look up there. Why am I not surprised 
to see the blinding beauty, 
hear the chimes?
When I look up there 
why do I feel so full of shame? 
I no longer live up to my former name.

I'm no longer one of them. I never was. 
I can no longer call them friends, yet "enemy" sounds harsh.
I do this for my brother, I do this to be free. Yet I'm scared there's some emotion coming back to me.

I don't want to be a demon. I don't want to be a god. I want to be a person, to follow my own laws.
I want to write my own story, I want to feel the light.
I want to catch a lightning bug, to touch the velvet evening sky.

And even if I fail my soul will soar!
I won't have to fear falling anymore!
It's not the same to live as it is to survive.
Someday these useless wings again will fly.

I may look different now, but I'm still me on the inside.
They'll wish they'd never sent me here to die!

They'll want me back at home 
once I learn how to fly.
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*chucks this at mel*


Maybe she loved her too much. Maybe that was bad.

They'd curled up together, limbs tangled along with their hair. A waning and a waxing crescent. A sweet birdsong interrupting bitter silence. A missing link and an unknown answer. A thriving rose bush and a burning candle.

Smiling and slightly chapped lips lightly pressed against a forehead. Short, soft fingers brushing a pale cheek. It was the little things that were the most pleasant. The loveliest to remember yet the easiest to forget.

"I don't remember what my life was like before you." One whispers, her prominent chin resting atop the other's head. She continues,
"Does that mean that someday I'll forget you? When we have to get jobs and houses and be adults?" The speaker closes her sharp eyes, her voice now shakier.
"I don't want this to be a memory. Even if it's a nice one. But I don't want to forget, either." 

Her companion's dark eyelashes flutter like a butterfly's wings.
"Being adults doesn't mean we can't be adults together." The brunette smiles into the crook of her partner's neck. It is not a happy smile. 
"Even if we're not heroes like we are now." She sighs, but it's woeful.

The taller of the two wraps her arms around the other, holding her not tightly, yet securely. Like if she let go it'd hurt them both. Like she'd lose something of the utmost importance.

The taller girl was choked up, trying her hardest not to let tears fall.
"You're always going to be my hero." She said softly, holding the smaller brunette close.

Even the best of memories could hurt. Even the prettiest roses had thorns. Even the most brilliant fires left scars.
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welp, my turn to write about the great tea monster. except it won't be explicit pff

"The Ben Diaries" may become canon just saying

Dear dia-- journal,

Sometimes I think I should give him a second chance.  Rhaego, I mean.

Like, the guy is friendless and literally locked in the basement. Not to mention he needs serious haircare assistance. And a bath. And new clothes. And... okay, I'm not a doting mother.
I can't remember a time we were ever buddies. We haven't talked in weeks. 

Not to mention he worshipped Kai for a while or something like that. I'm pretty sure he would've done anything for him. Plus he has a weird foot obsession? He could've licked Ka-- Okay, yeah, no, maybe we wouldn't get along. I don't like judging people but the guy is freaky.

God, I'm pretty sure I heard him moaning downstairs the other night. Did he drag someone in there with him? Is there a "damsel in distress" we need to save? Do dragons even still do that?

Maybe I kind of pity him. 

In other news, I started listening to some rap stuff. It's okay, I guess? I think the guy's name was Drake. More on that in another entry.

- Ben
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bc Stephla doesn't get enough love smh


After band practice. Saturday afternoon. On Andrew's back porch.
Lauren cracked open a can of Coke, taking a large swig before turning to her best (probably) friend, Stephen. The dorky blond was happily gazing at the cloudless sky, tapping his short fingernails on the glass deck table. 
Waving a hand in front of his dreamy gaze, Lauren snickered.
"Earth to muffin man, we only have a ten minute break." She lightly shook her can in front of his face with a smirk. "Drink up while you still can."

Stephen smiled, turning his eyes from the sky to his slightly shorter blonde friend. He would call her his lady friend but that would be a total lie. If anything she was more like the guys at school who tended to roughhouse in the halls and throw wads of notebook paper in class than a 'lady'.

Since Stephen didn't respond Lauren continued yapping. 
"Andrew takes this whole band thing pretty serious, you know? I mean, I get that he loves music and all that jazz, no pun intended, but I'm pretty sure the only reason I'm here is so he can talk to Angela more." She continued to neck her soda, light brows furrowed. Stephen was listening, yes, but he had something else on his mind.

"It's totally obvious that he wants to get with her. Why doesn't he just come out and say it? She digs the g-"
The brown-eyed girl's rant was interrupted by a softer voice coming from the boy next to her. He continued,
"Do you believe in magic?"

Lauren raised a brow at the other skeptically.
"Yeah, I suppose so. I'm basically a witch, for crying out loud. You know that."
Stephen sighed, not meeting he other's piercing gaze. 
"It's just that... When I'm around you, I feel all tingly and happy and I do stupid things. Is that magic?" He bit his lip, looking back up at the cerulean sky. Lauren paused, watching him for a moment before placing a pale hand over his.

"No, you goofball." The blonde grinned, playfully ruffling his hair.
"That's love."
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can't stop won't stop m8

When Ben agreed to tutoring students failing science he didn't expect a relationship to be part of the package.

A week or so after turning in the form he'd received to sign up to tutor the name of the student he'd be helping was sent in the mail. Ben had almost dropped the letter. "Kai Mizushima" it had read. The swim team captain. Party boy extraordinaire. Voted hottest guy by the entirety of the female (and some not) student body. King of the school. Ben was nothing compared to him. A speck of dust. Someone to copy homework off of, if Ben was lucky.

The first time they'd met up was a struggle. It was at Ben's house, and just seeing Kai out of school and part of Ben's world was thrilling. They'd sat down in his room, Ben pulling out all of his chemistry work, and sat in silence for what seemed like years before Kai broke it.

"Aren't we supposed to be making out or something?" The raven-haired boy asked, quirking a brow.
Ben wasn't surprised, actually. Kai was the sort who'd get with anyone as long as they had a functioning mouth and... Ben was stopping there. That was biology, not chemistry.

"That's a terrible cliche." The brunet deadpanned in response, yet a jittery feeling rushed through his body. 
"You seriously wanted to tutor someone?" Kai looked genuinely taken aback, clutching his chest. Was this guy even real?

"Yeah, I'm fortunate enough to have some scientific expertise and I thought I'd share it. This isn't a blind dating service." Ben shrugged nonchalantly. This was not ok. Kai motherfucking Mizushima was in his room and wanted to make out. Repeat: not ok.

Ok, maybe it was a tiny bit ok. Maybe Ben was a little eensie-weensie tiny-winy bit ok with the idea of kissing the hottest guy in school in his room where nobody could judge him. 

He took a deep breath, looking the other in the eye.
"Okay, forget it. We've got, like, 5 more sessions. Studying can wait."


Neither one of them did very well on their test that semester. 
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this one's a song drabble! i really love this song like holy crap

i actually kinda like how this one turned out, ngl

Red. Red everywhere. Red on the ground. Red on pink hands. Casey felt that if she looked at the sky it would be a brilliant shade of scarlet. 

Piper wasn't there.
Casey was terrified, but she was also glad. 

She wasn't supposed to be doing missions alone, she knew that. Yet Casey felt like she had to make up for all of the times she'd slacked off. They could be at the top right now, be the most beloved and feared heroes in the city. 
But now everything had gone horribly wrong and Casey wanted nothing more than to die. Right there, right then. For someone to put her out of her misery.

"I can't take them on my own." She whispered to herself, trembling.
She'd failed. On her own, she was useless. She didn't want Piper to see her now. Or ever again. Oh god, she'd be so ashamed.

It had all been an accident, she'd done what she could, but she'd failed. That's what she tried to convince herself, at least. Maybe she wasn't meant to be good.

The red on her hands and under her nails was dark. Dried. Peeling.
Not her own.

Something in the pit of her heart liked it.
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