Jul. 21st, 2015

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@mel im not sorry at all
i would kill for benkai

It wasn't the most common of occurrences, but sometimes Kai had nightmares.
Ben knew this for a fact. It didn't matter if Kai admitted it or not, the look on his face when he woke with a start told everything. Cerulean eyes wide, like a storm was brewing inside. You could see into his mind as if his beautiful orbs were tide pools. Tonight was no different.

Ben had been woken up by a loud gasp for air, as if someone was choking. Like a fish out of water. Even in the dark bedroom the brunet could make out his partner's panicked profile. It took mere seconds for him to throw the covers off of his legs and scoot to the other's side. 
It was almost as if Kai was petrified, face frozen and breathing scarce. Ben did the first thing that came to mind: surround the other with warmth to melt the fear away.

The freckled man wrapped his arms around the startled merman, coaxing him closer. He pushed his dark bangs aside and pressed a tender kiss to his forehead, smiling. 
Ben had a lot of experience dealing with bad dreams. Whenever his sister had them she would sneak into his room and wake him up, wanting to tell him all about her dream and eventually make him read her a story. Or sing her a lullaby, on some occasions. This memory gave Ben an idea.

He was no Justin Timberlake or Frank Sinatra but Ben could sing. Somewhat. Not in front of crowds, but it's not like Kai would laugh. Not in his current condition, at least. It was worth a shot.

Taking a deep breath, Ben rested his chin on the top of Kai's head, still holding him close, and began the song. His singing was soft, gentle. The whispering breeze through a meadow of dandelions. 

"Come stop your crying
It will be alright
Just take my hand
Hold it tight

I will protect you
From all around you
I will be here
Don't you cry

For one so small,
You seem so strong
My arms will hold you,
Keep you safe and warm
This bond between us
Can't be broken
I will be here
Don't you cry

'Cause you'll be in my heart
Yes, you'll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more

You'll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You'll be here in my heart, always"

By the time he was finished, Kai was back to sleep. Ben prayed that he wouldn't remember this in the morning, but who knows with his tough luck. 

The last thing Ben saw before dozing off was the sweetest smile on Kai's face. 
In that moment, he swore that he'd endure a thousand nightmares if it meant seeing that beautiful face when he woke.


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