Jul. 4th, 2015

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welp, my turn to write about the great tea monster. except it won't be explicit pff

"The Ben Diaries" may become canon just saying

Dear dia-- journal,

Sometimes I think I should give him a second chance.  Rhaego, I mean.

Like, the guy is friendless and literally locked in the basement. Not to mention he needs serious haircare assistance. And a bath. And new clothes. And... okay, I'm not a doting mother.
I can't remember a time we were ever buddies. We haven't talked in weeks. 

Not to mention he worshipped Kai for a while or something like that. I'm pretty sure he would've done anything for him. Plus he has a weird foot obsession? He could've licked Ka-- Okay, yeah, no, maybe we wouldn't get along. I don't like judging people but the guy is freaky.

God, I'm pretty sure I heard him moaning downstairs the other night. Did he drag someone in there with him? Is there a "damsel in distress" we need to save? Do dragons even still do that?

Maybe I kind of pity him. 

In other news, I started listening to some rap stuff. It's okay, I guess? I think the guy's name was Drake. More on that in another entry.

- Ben


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