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bc Stephla doesn't get enough love smh


After band practice. Saturday afternoon. On Andrew's back porch.
Lauren cracked open a can of Coke, taking a large swig before turning to her best (probably) friend, Stephen. The dorky blond was happily gazing at the cloudless sky, tapping his short fingernails on the glass deck table. 
Waving a hand in front of his dreamy gaze, Lauren snickered.
"Earth to muffin man, we only have a ten minute break." She lightly shook her can in front of his face with a smirk. "Drink up while you still can."

Stephen smiled, turning his eyes from the sky to his slightly shorter blonde friend. He would call her his lady friend but that would be a total lie. If anything she was more like the guys at school who tended to roughhouse in the halls and throw wads of notebook paper in class than a 'lady'.

Since Stephen didn't respond Lauren continued yapping. 
"Andrew takes this whole band thing pretty serious, you know? I mean, I get that he loves music and all that jazz, no pun intended, but I'm pretty sure the only reason I'm here is so he can talk to Angela more." She continued to neck her soda, light brows furrowed. Stephen was listening, yes, but he had something else on his mind.

"It's totally obvious that he wants to get with her. Why doesn't he just come out and say it? She digs the g-"
The brown-eyed girl's rant was interrupted by a softer voice coming from the boy next to her. He continued,
"Do you believe in magic?"

Lauren raised a brow at the other skeptically.
"Yeah, I suppose so. I'm basically a witch, for crying out loud. You know that."
Stephen sighed, not meeting he other's piercing gaze. 
"It's just that... When I'm around you, I feel all tingly and happy and I do stupid things. Is that magic?" He bit his lip, looking back up at the cerulean sky. Lauren paused, watching him for a moment before placing a pale hand over his.

"No, you goofball." The blonde grinned, playfully ruffling his hair.
"That's love."
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Only Angela really knows who these characters are, but I'd like to use them more often so I need to practice. Cheers to my beautiful blond babes!

(Once again not canon btw)

It was summer, and Stephen thought she was scary.

School had only just begun, freshman year, and Stephen already had found a friend in the bookworm of a boy down the street. They were thinking about getting a band together. 

Yet "she" was constantly picking at the back of his mind. Like a pickaxe on a block of marble.

The long, yellow-blonde hair. The way she refused to wear her uniform properly. The piercing brown eyes like that of an eagle.

Stephen was terrified, but he was also intrigued. 


It was fall, and Stephen thought she was cool.

He and Andrew (the bookworm now had a name) had gone through with the band thing. Virtuoso was the current name. Stephen on guitar, Andrew on vocals. It was nice.

He'd finally worked up the nerve to talk to her. She'd brushed him off, of course, but it was a start. So cool.


It was winter, and Stephen thought she was nice.

Andrew and Angela, blondie's sister, were definitely becoming a thing. It was so obvious; they had that lovey-dovey look in their eyes. Kinda gross.

Of course, that meant that Stephen got to talk to her sister more. It turns out she wasn't as scary as he'd thought she was. She was going to play drums in their band, so she couldn't be that bad, right?


It was spring, and Stephen thought she was beautiful.

Was it something in her now common smiles? Her chuckles? The way she'd punch his arm playfully and he'd pretend it didn't hurt? Lauren was great. Every little thing about her. 
Stephen had needed a year to realize it, but he'd gladly wait a thousand more for her to feel the same.


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