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ayyy here's a mars drab
it's actually written as a song, look at those radical rhymes! B) imagine this as a super dramatic Disney broadway song being sung on a rooftop with pretty leaves blowing in the wind or something

I look up there. Why am I not surprised 
to see the blinding beauty, 
hear the chimes?
When I look up there 
why do I feel so full of shame? 
I no longer live up to my former name.

I'm no longer one of them. I never was. 
I can no longer call them friends, yet "enemy" sounds harsh.
I do this for my brother, I do this to be free. Yet I'm scared there's some emotion coming back to me.

I don't want to be a demon. I don't want to be a god. I want to be a person, to follow my own laws.
I want to write my own story, I want to feel the light.
I want to catch a lightning bug, to touch the velvet evening sky.

And even if I fail my soul will soar!
I won't have to fear falling anymore!
It's not the same to live as it is to survive.
Someday these useless wings again will fly.

I may look different now, but I'm still me on the inside.
They'll wish they'd never sent me here to die!

They'll want me back at home 
once I learn how to fly.
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i no longer will write love songs
nor sonnets for the soul

once you reach the peak of happy
you don't want to come down
but when you reach the lowest trench
not even love notes bring you back around

i've had enough of trying
i know i don't deserve to cry
and you never will deserve my tears
but my brain hurts and i want to run and hide

i did the best i could!
this is my last hurrah!
no more poems are for you!
they are for me!
and maybe i will be happy soon!

maybe i always envied you
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The piano struck a chord with me
A bittersweet monochrome melody
Reminder of when I was at peace
Keys smashed in matching cacophony

I hate when music loses magic
What used to make your heart sing loud
The words you shouted that had power
Are stuck in your head and won't come out

If life had a set of instructions
They'd look like a sheet of piano tunes
Because the emotion and effort you put into playing
Are what you share and if not, what you lose

I wanted to sing together but I don't know how
Maybe I'm more acapella now.


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