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"Hey, Orion?" Plastic eyelids flitted, the shocking blue irises they hid looking to the side. Two robots lay on the cold lab floor side-by-side, fake hair splayed out like sunbeams and jointed fingers on the ground. No scientists to stop them. Just gentle beeping of machinery among the quiet of afternoon.

"Yes, Gold?" The other responds, shifting his head to look at his opposite. Gold couldn't help but note the slight warmth in Orion's eyes.
A warmth he himself didn't possess. Not anymore.

"We're... friends. Right?" The golden-crowned android asked, brows furrowed. He sounded genuinely perplexed.
"Yeah. What of it?" Orion replied, frowning slightly. What a straightforward question. Well, that was to be expected from Gold.
Gold looked back up at the ceiling. His confused expression melted away.
"I... see."
"Why, is that a problem?"
"Negative. It's the opposite." His voice held little emotion. He always sounded so distant. So... sad. Even when saying happy things.

Without asking, the somber robot carefully took Orion's hand, murmuring a soft word.
Orion was taken aback. "Why are you sorry?"
He felt as if he were talking to a child. Gently.

"I've never had a 'friend'. I'm going to have to change up my programs a bit. The only options I have are 'helper', 'father', or 'enemy'. I'm sure I can install 'friendship'." Gold's lips showed the slightest trace of a smile. Orion couldn't tell if that had been a joke or serious, but he smiled along anyway.

They were both broken souls, taking baby steps in new shoes. New feet. New vessels.
Yet they were willing to try, and together that was enough to do anything.


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