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ayyy here's a mars drab
it's actually written as a song, look at those radical rhymes! B) imagine this as a super dramatic Disney broadway song being sung on a rooftop with pretty leaves blowing in the wind or something

I look up there. Why am I not surprised 
to see the blinding beauty, 
hear the chimes?
When I look up there 
why do I feel so full of shame? 
I no longer live up to my former name.

I'm no longer one of them. I never was. 
I can no longer call them friends, yet "enemy" sounds harsh.
I do this for my brother, I do this to be free. Yet I'm scared there's some emotion coming back to me.

I don't want to be a demon. I don't want to be a god. I want to be a person, to follow my own laws.
I want to write my own story, I want to feel the light.
I want to catch a lightning bug, to touch the velvet evening sky.

And even if I fail my soul will soar!
I won't have to fear falling anymore!
It's not the same to live as it is to survive.
Someday these useless wings again will fly.

I may look different now, but I'm still me on the inside.
They'll wish they'd never sent me here to die!

They'll want me back at home 
once I learn how to fly.


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