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this one's a song drabble! i really love this song like holy crap

i actually kinda like how this one turned out, ngl

Red. Red everywhere. Red on the ground. Red on pink hands. Casey felt that if she looked at the sky it would be a brilliant shade of scarlet. 

Piper wasn't there.
Casey was terrified, but she was also glad. 

She wasn't supposed to be doing missions alone, she knew that. Yet Casey felt like she had to make up for all of the times she'd slacked off. They could be at the top right now, be the most beloved and feared heroes in the city. 
But now everything had gone horribly wrong and Casey wanted nothing more than to die. Right there, right then. For someone to put her out of her misery.

"I can't take them on my own." She whispered to herself, trembling.
She'd failed. On her own, she was useless. She didn't want Piper to see her now. Or ever again. Oh god, she'd be so ashamed.

It had all been an accident, she'd done what she could, but she'd failed. That's what she tried to convince herself, at least. Maybe she wasn't meant to be good.

The red on her hands and under her nails was dark. Dried. Peeling.
Not her own.

Something in the pit of her heart liked it.
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well lookie here! a Casey drabble! gotta love my skater dork daughter from the pit of a nerd volcano

I don't like fighting.

Not the villains, at least. The others have powers that can aid them. Invisibility, breaking things, teleporting, etc. My power, however, is trash.
Unless by some crazy chance we have to interrogate a villain. Which will never happen.

I try my best to be useful. I can punch and kick and do flips and stuff? I can look up information on the baddies? I can skate in circles around them and be a distraction?

Ok, maybe not that last one.
The point is, I'll give it my all. Even if we don't all get along very well yet and I sometimes snap at people and maybe Piper accidentally breaks my skateboard-- whatever! 

We're a TEAM now. We may be crap (literally, that's the team name), but we can make it work. I'll do it for her, I'll do it for them, I'll do it for me. Game on.


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