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sorry this is crap i felt like uploading bc it's FUN ūüĎć

"We're friends before anything else. I'll always be here to cheer you up." He said with that grin. That grin that could make flowers jealous.
Angela didn't like admitting it, but she was smitten with the dark-haired boy. He was clever, kind, careful, and stayed steady and reliable when she felt like she was falling. 

"I..." She started, looking over at him. Andrew. Fish boy. Professional nerd. 
"Thank you. That means more to me than you know." Her smile was small and wavering, but she'd meant what she'd said. Things had been getting pretty hectic recently, with all the talk of a war starting in the Magic Realm. Having someone to lean on was what she needed.

Scooting across the sofa to be closer to him, Angela took Andrew's slender hand in her own smaller one. They both gazed at the swirled plaster ceiling, not questioning anything that was happening. After a few minutes, Andrew spoke.

"I don't care how many clowns or evil store clerks I have to fight; I'll always have your back." He squeezed the small brunette's hand reassuringly. 
"I'll always be here for you, so don't be afraid." And he meant it. 
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do me a favor and read this in the most HEARTBROKEN VOICE YOU CAN IMAGINE because that's how i heard it as i wrote it

have a blast ūüĒ•

I have a problem.

Multiple problems, really. Lack of fashion sense, no chill, Kai, bad movie obsession... a lot. I won't lie.
Yet there is one you probably wouldn't know about if I don't tell you.

I have a huge fear of fires. Not the tiny one on the stove or the one crowning a candle wick, but the roaring flames of campfires and burning buildings. 
The wisps of bright heat that can whisk away entire cities, entire families, entire forests in the blink of an eye.

We would run. 
We would run from the fires, leaving behind all we had created in search of a new beginning. Our homes, our belongings, everything. Even those too weak to run. The sick, the elderly. 

I've seen people burn to death, their screams of agony unbearable to hear. It's etched into my mind like the horrid carvings on dead trees. 
I can't remember them for the good they did me, only the excruciated looks on their faces as their flesh burned away. It makes me want to hurl.

Yet I can't run from those memories. I can't run from fires in my head. 
They say some people like to watch the world burn.
Those people are sick.
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well lookie here! a Casey drabble! gotta love my skater dork daughter from the pit of a nerd volcano

I don't like fighting.

Not the villains, at least. The others have powers that can aid them. Invisibility, breaking things, teleporting, etc. My power, however, is trash.
Unless by some crazy chance we have to interrogate a villain. Which will never happen.

I try my best to be useful. I can punch and kick and do flips and stuff? I can look up information on the baddies? I can skate in circles around them and be a distraction?

Ok, maybe not that last one.
The point is, I'll give it my all. Even if we don't all get along very well yet and I sometimes snap at people and maybe Piper accidentally breaks my skateboard-- whatever! 

We're a TEAM now. We may be crap (literally, that's the team name), but we can make it work. I'll do it for her, I'll do it for them, I'll do it for me. Game on.
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i no longer will write love songs
nor sonnets for the soul

once you reach the peak of happy
you don't want to come down
but when you reach the lowest trench
not even love notes bring you back around

i've had enough of trying
i know i don't deserve to cry
and you never will deserve my tears
but my brain hurts and i want to run and hide

i did the best i could!
this is my last hurrah!
no more poems are for you!
they are for me!
and maybe i will be happy soon!

maybe i always envied you
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I should be using other characters but I don't wanna hnng

I did like her, I really did. She was the most beautiful, courageous, exciting woman I had ever met. She was full of surprises, but that wasn't always good. She wouldn't open up, wouldn't tell the truth. I never have been a good liar. It couldn't work.

She was the dark, the night, velvet and rose petals and wine evening gowns and mystery.
I'm the morning, the earth, cotton sleep shirts, bitter coffee with cream, a bed of dandelions. We didn't work.
Sure, the memories were very nice. Yes, she reminded me of what I can't be. Of course, she was my total opposite.
But she didn't make me happy. And I can't blame her for it.
I don't think I made her happy, either.

I did like her, yes, but I don't think it was destiny. I think it was circumstance. A test.
That niether of us ever thought of taking it further.
Maybe it was my fault.

I'm sorry, Astasia.
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a kind of response to Mel's newest post

It's funny, how Kai always compares the dark flecks on his skin to stars. He'd trace constellations on his back, cheeks, and forearms and talk about how cute they were.
It was humorous to Ben, though, because Kai was the real star.

Ben could be the scatter of light across the dark sea of space, but Kai was Polaris. He was the bright guiding light not just for Ben but for the entire group.
He joked and jested and pranked but it kept them stable. It kept their little planet spinning. Without his constant happy attitude to even out the more serious members of the team everything could fall to pieces.

Especially to Ben was he a guide and shining example. Even if they both struggled with their past mistakes and fear of the future, Kai kept him from shattering. Kai held him together in his arms and everything was okay. Okay. Not perfect, but safe. Ben hoped that one day he'd be able to do the same for his bright and beautiful partner.

Kai may have wanted to catch stars, but how is that possible when you are one?
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If we're actually making the superhero thing happen I gotta practice. Here we go!

I don't think I'm a hero. 
The definition of a "hero" is a person who is idolized and looked up to for their courage and noble qualities. Someone with a pure, good heart built to die for others. That's exactly the opposite of me. Maybe it defines the others on the team, but still. 

I have no idea how to be a superhero. I can't pull the underdog story and go from metaphorical rags to riches. I'm not Superman, born to fly and punch things and whatever else he does.
I'm just regular young adult Casey who needs to find a college and get a job and "settle down with a nice man" according to my parents. 
I wasn't born for supervillains and secrecy and little children dressing up as me for Halloween. 

...Not as if that isn't cool or anything. It totally is. So is being praised and thanked for your hard work and loved by a ton of people and possibly made comics about. Okay, maybe the superhero thing IS kind of rad.

Maybe I'll give it a shot.
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Since exams are coming up, why not upload extra to make up for lost days?

This isn't canon, but is set before the two were in a relationship.

"...What is it with the two of us and insulting and bugging each  other, anyway?" 
Ben, lying horizontally on the sofa with a book in hand, looked up at the other's sudden question.
"What do you mean?"

"Ever since I joined this household I feel like you've been perpetually angry at me." Kai sighed, poking the freckled man's legs so he'd move. After taking a seat he craned his neck to stare at the plaster ceiling. 
"Did I do something wrong?" He asked quietly, brows furrowed.

Ben sat up, carefully putting his book down on the carpet. "Not really...? I mean..." He placed a hand under his chin, expression thoughtful. "You're kinda putting me on the spot here. Sure, sometimes you kinda force me into stuff that humiliates or surprises me, but it's all harmless." 

"Sure is still a yes." Kai grumbled, removing his gaze from the ceiling to look at the other. "Look, I don't want things to be tense or awkward between us. I know that I can be a bit of a handful," Ben gave him a disbelieving look. "Okay, a lot of a handful, but you gotta communicate." 

Ben raised a dark brow, chuckling softly. "I know that you like being the center of attention and outgoing and stuff. It's kinda entertaining, so I don't really mind the shenanigans. You're making it sound like we're a couple, though." 
Kai shrugged, grinning.
"That wasn't my intention, but take it any way you want. Not like it isn't a possibility."

Ben promptly picked up his book and chucked it at the merman's face. 
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The chronicles of goat man continue. 

Sorry this is so short, some of the prompts inspire me more than others.

Yesterday I almost called her by the wrong name.

Instead of her angelic title I almost slipped up and spoke of a flower. A small, dainty yet durable white bud with a yellow heart.

You two seem so similar at times it makes me want to cry, if I'm honest. A lot of things do. 

You both have those round eyes full of sky. The rosebud cheeks and smiles filled with awe. So small and gentle but full of potential and power. 

Why do the glossy feathers on her back have to remind me of daisy petals? Why can't I leave anything behind? I wanted this new life, so why am I not happy yet?

Why didn't you come with me?
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I apologize for my terrible sense of humor.


If there was one thing that Jean knew for certain, it was that the new kid lit up the room. 

Seriously, he could've sworn he saw a halo on the guy when he'd first been introduced to Jean's science class. The guy's teeth were so white you could probably see your reflection in them. His hair was parted more perfectly than the Red Sea. Jean's interest had been piqued. 

It was no surprise when karma had her way and the two became lab partners. The freckled lad was gorgeous as well as a genius when it came to dissecting eyeballs. (Actually, Jean couldn't keep his own eyes off of the guy!)

Bad jokes aside, Jean had a long junior year ahead of him. Varsity soccer, endless Spanish homework, girls begging to go out with him... okay, that was a bit of a lie. Yet no matter how he sliced it, this new kid with the golden tanned skin and never-fading freckles were destined to have a covalent bond. It was chemistry, after all.
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Not really proud of this one, but in order to improve your writing you need to write. Onwards!

He could always feel their stares burning into the back of his neck, like he was a repulsive creature that they needed to be rid of. 
It could be at home, near the school, in a field, out of sight. 

Even if there was nobody present, Ben could hear them taunting. The other children, the elders, his own parents. Teasing. Laughing. They would never accept how differently he felt about their home. 

How badly he wished to leave the dried up grasslands and the dark forests! He loved the flowers and the greenery, but his curiosity was getting the better of him. The young boy longed for the lights he saw in the distance as the herd traveled from forest to forest across the land in search of shelter. The twinkling yellow specks on the horizon made from channelled lightning and things he couldn't yet comprehend beckoned. 

There was much more to people than rocks and rivers. More to his life than dirt for a bed and branches for a roof. There was something, someONE out there that he was destined to see, and he would get to them even if it meant leaving the forest behind forever. 
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Only Angela really knows who these characters are, but I'd like to use them more often so I need to practice. Cheers to my beautiful blond babes!

(Once again not canon btw)

It was summer, and Stephen thought she was scary.

School had only just begun, freshman year, and Stephen already had found a friend in the bookworm of a boy down the street. They were thinking about getting a band together. 

Yet "she" was constantly picking at the back of his mind. Like a pickaxe on a block of marble.

The long, yellow-blonde hair. The way she refused to wear her uniform properly. The piercing brown eyes like that of an eagle.

Stephen was terrified, but he was also intrigued. 


It was fall, and Stephen thought she was cool.

He and Andrew (the bookworm now had a name) had gone through with the band thing. Virtuoso was the current name. Stephen on guitar, Andrew on vocals. It was nice.

He'd finally worked up the nerve to talk to her. She'd brushed him off, of course, but it was a start. So cool.


It was winter, and Stephen thought she was nice.

Andrew and Angela, blondie's sister, were definitely becoming a thing. It was so obvious; they had that lovey-dovey look in their eyes. Kinda gross.

Of course, that meant that Stephen got to talk to her sister more. It turns out she wasn't as scary as he'd thought she was. She was going to play drums in their band, so she couldn't be that bad, right?


It was spring, and Stephen thought she was beautiful.

Was it something in her now common smiles? Her chuckles? The way she'd punch his arm playfully and he'd pretend it didn't hurt? Lauren was great. Every little thing about her. 
Stephen had needed a year to realize it, but he'd gladly wait a thousand more for her to feel the same.
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The piano struck a chord with me
A bittersweet monochrome melody
Reminder of when I was at peace
Keys smashed in matching cacophony

I hate when music loses magic
What used to make your heart sing loud
The words you shouted that had power
Are stuck in your head and won't come out

If life had a set of instructions
They'd look like a sheet of piano tunes
Because the emotion and effort you put into playing
Are what you share and if not, what you lose

I wanted to sing together but I don't know how
Maybe I'm more acapella now.
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The first of my many drabbles of the challenge! Could be considered an epilogue thing to Mel's recent entry. Probably not canon, but I digress.

The second he'd seen the new addition to the household he'd physically cringed.

Was the guy straight out of the sea or something? His dark hair was like seaweed, tangled and wavy, and his skin tanned as a surfer's. Hobbling over to the sofa, Ben could've sworn the other was cursing under his breath from pain as he walked. 

He could practically smell the saltwater and sandy shores from across the room. Oh god, was this guy a mer? Looking over the newbie once more, imagining a scaly tail and the like, it seemed to fit. 

Yet the brunet realized that he couldn't judge the other. He'd been the same when he'd first arrived: messy-haired, wobbly-legged, and scared. Maybe the other needed the same things he had. Adventure. Friends. A new life. Maybe he'd just wanted to be... part of this world.

After a moment's pause (partially from snickering at his own joke) Ben channeled his inner social butterfly and joined the boy on the sofa. He caught the other's sea glass blue eyes with a small smile. 

"Welcome home."


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