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An arrow whizzed past their head and stopped time. A hand shook within another. What is a battle? What is a side? What is a partner?

Droopy lavender eyes glazed over like frosted flower petals. A moment trapped in the grip of someone else's hand. They laughed.

"It was all for naught, wasn't it?" There is no scorn in their voice as more arrows whiz past, more blades scream.
"You thought I'd trusted you with every secret, did you? Every bitter memory. Every loss, every unreleased woeful tune. There was one thing I never told you."
The voice dropped to octaves so deep that thunder felt envious.
"I love you, yes, and I always will. But if there is one thing you'll never understand, it's this."

They looked the man opposite them straight in the eye, as if preparing to end him.

"You never changed, Florent. No matter how much love I or anyone gives you, that hunger is still there."
They pulled their hand away from his, resting it on the dagger attached to their belt.

"And if you think I will put my love for you over what you have done-- over the compassion I have for Ezra and the others--"
Lavender eyes flashed. Purple. The color of a royal. The color of kings.
They brandished the dagger in their hand, holding it out until it met the throat of their love.

"I will not hesitate."


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