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If she was being honest, Piper had been terrified when Casey stepped through the doorway. She'd felt like such a mother hen and she hated it. The other was a mess. (And not even a hot one right now, mind you.)
The brunette groaned, looking the other up and down. Mud, bruises, old band-aids, grass stains... you'd think you were looking at a 6 foot 5-year-old. Then she saw it. Casey had been trying to hide it under calloused fingers and ripped nails.

"Casey." Piper ordered, pointing at the other's arm. "Hand off of your elbow. Now."
"What are you, my mom? God." The redhead retorted, turning her half-mane of red hair away. Oh, so she was going to be stubborn about it? Fine.
Piper closed the distance between them, taking Casey's hidden arm in her hands and turning it over to look at the elbow. Surely enough, it was covered in old blood. God, she was always telling the other to wear elbow pads when skating.
"Piper," The taller girl whined, drawing out the "r", "It's no big deal, really."
"No big deal? This needs disinfecting. You're gross."
"Hey, hey. Chill. You know what would make it better?"
"You'd better not say what I th--"
Casey winked, and immediately Piper knew that the childish teen wouldn't shut up until she did it.

Rolling her eyes, Piper lifted up her partner's arm and quickly pressed a kiss on the wound.
"Satisfied?" She sighed, looking to the other for a positive reaction. Yet... all she got was a smirk. And it was growing.
Wait a second...

"No way. No fucking way. Casey motherfucking Jett, that tasted like sugar. That scrape was faker than Kim K's ass."
Casey let out a victorious laugh, fist pumping the air.
"You totally fell for it! I've been wearing pads when I skate ever since you told me to, so there's no way I could've actually gotten hurt, you nerd."

In the moment of Piper feeling touched that Casey had actually taken her advice, the redhead had already pulled her into a tight embrace.
"Ok, ok, but get this--" Casey sounded fucking giddy, and Piper loved it. Gross.
"I scraped my elbow falling for you."
Piper could hear the eyebrow waggling even though she couldn't see Casey's face.
"You are the biggest nerd I've ever met." It was an insult, but the brunette found herself smiling.
"Good, I try."
"Now please tell me the mud is fake too. This was a new shirt."
"I make no promises."


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