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When Ben agreed to tutoring students failing science he didn't expect a relationship to be part of the package.

A week or so after turning in the form he'd received to sign up to tutor the name of the student he'd be helping was sent in the mail. Ben had almost dropped the letter. "Kai Mizushima" it had read. The swim team captain. Party boy extraordinaire. Voted hottest guy by the entirety of the female (and some not) student body. King of the school. Ben was nothing compared to him. A speck of dust. Someone to copy homework off of, if Ben was lucky.

The first time they'd met up was a struggle. It was at Ben's house, and just seeing Kai out of school and part of Ben's world was thrilling. They'd sat down in his room, Ben pulling out all of his chemistry work, and sat in silence for what seemed like years before Kai broke it.

"Aren't we supposed to be making out or something?" The raven-haired boy asked, quirking a brow.
Ben wasn't surprised, actually. Kai was the sort who'd get with anyone as long as they had a functioning mouth and... Ben was stopping there. That was biology, not chemistry.

"That's a terrible cliche." The brunet deadpanned in response, yet a jittery feeling rushed through his body. 
"You seriously wanted to tutor someone?" Kai looked genuinely taken aback, clutching his chest. Was this guy even real?

"Yeah, I'm fortunate enough to have some scientific expertise and I thought I'd share it. This isn't a blind dating service." Ben shrugged nonchalantly. This was not ok. Kai motherfucking Mizushima was in his room and wanted to make out. Repeat: not ok.

Ok, maybe it was a tiny bit ok. Maybe Ben was a little eensie-weensie tiny-winy bit ok with the idea of kissing the hottest guy in school in his room where nobody could judge him. 

He took a deep breath, looking the other in the eye.
"Okay, forget it. We've got, like, 5 more sessions. Studying can wait."


Neither one of them did very well on their test that semester. 
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