Nov. 29th, 2015

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Day 3
Time: 1:00 a.m.
Location: Unknown

Initiating mental record program...

I've made a discovery. 
I've been pulling at my fingers a lot. Oddly enough, it doesn't hurt. I've heard that if your brain weren't functioning you could bite your fingers off like baby carrots. A not-so-fun fact.
My fingers don't feel like normal. Smoother, almost. Cold. They feel like corpse fingers.
I'm dying?

I accidentally pulled one off today.
I should be in the hospital right now, except it didn't hurt. It just popped right off. 
There was a metal joint in there where I'm supposed to have severed, bloody skin. 
I'm scared.

Since that happened I've been testing the rest of my limbs. They all seem to work the same. They pop off, some revealing wires and shining metal. Not a drop of blood to be found. At one point I got excited over what I thought was bodily fluid. It was oil.
I'm confused.

What happened three days ago? The scientists have been avoiding me. Is there something on my face? They can't meet my eyes, much less provide me a mirror.
I'm lonely.
Very, very lonely.

Why won't anyone tell me what's going on? Where's my father?
Why isn't my heart beating? Where is my flesh? Where is my blood? Where di d th e y g-

Mental record program: closed.
Initiating subject stress-induced rest mode.


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