Aug. 1st, 2015

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Ben snapped.
It had been Kai's idea to visit this bar. It was small and dark and smelled like sweat but Kai had convinced him that the alcohol was worth it. You know what wasn't? The company.
Kai had ordered some crazy fruity vodka cocktail or something while Ben had water. He was being a responsible adult tonight, and responsible adults don't get drunk off their ass before driving. 

It had been a half hour or so since they'd arrived and Kai claimed to need the restroom. Ben waved him off, pretending to be interested in the hockey game on the bar TV. God, he didn't want to be here. He could be at home watching Mean Girls with hot chocolate right now, dammit!

It had been about ten minutes and Kai wasn't back. Ben was starting to worry. Climbing off of the bar stool he'd perched on, Ben rushed to the restroom hall. Nothing. He peeked in the bathroom, checking under the stalls for feet. Nothing. Goddammit. 
Once in the hall again Ben heard some noise coming from... outside? Oh god, there was a door to the alley outside at the end of the hall. 

Rushing to throw open the door, the scene before him made Ben both want to cry and rip someone's head off. Two thugs, likely drunk as hell, had Kai slumped against the brick wall of the building, the moon the only source of light. The two drunks turned their heads, staring Ben down. Ben was pretty sure Kai had a black eye and some cuts, but he couldn't tell in the limited light.

Now, Ben wasn't a violent guy. He didn't like hurting people. Not mentally, not physically. But this was pushing his limits. 

Stepping towards them, 
Ben reached for his phone, a clearly pissed off look on his face. They weren't too much bigger. He could take them.
"If you back off now maybe I'll leave you to the authorities and keep my own hands off." Ben grunted. Kai didn't look like he was deathly hurt, just unconscious. Good, Ben didn't want his partner to see this. 

One of the brutes smirked, cracking his knuckles. "Looks like we've got a hero type, eh?" He took a swaggering step towards Ben.
The brunet raised a brow.
"No, just a functioning fiancé." He stated.
The thug looked surprised at that. "Oh, a fag? Now I won't feel as bad when I pound your skull into the pavement."
Okay, no. Wrong move. Ben rushed forward, slugging the guy right in the face, hearing a satisfying crack. The thug staggered backwards, clutching his now broken nose. Ben scowled, strolling over to Kai and scooping him up. 

"Now, if you'll excuse me, this fag," Ben spat the word like it was poison, "Has to get home and take care of this dumb fuck." He snarled down at Kai. It wasn't really his fault, but Ben was still pretty pissed at him.

For now, the freckled man was going to confidently strut out of the alley, leaving behind a baffled couple of drunks. He'd sic some of his goose friends on the two first thing tomorrow. For now, he'd get Kai home to tend to the wounds.


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