May. 31st, 2015

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a kind of response to Mel's newest post

It's funny, how Kai always compares the dark flecks on his skin to stars. He'd trace constellations on his back, cheeks, and forearms and talk about how cute they were.
It was humorous to Ben, though, because Kai was the real star.

Ben could be the scatter of light across the dark sea of space, but Kai was Polaris. He was the bright guiding light not just for Ben but for the entire group.
He joked and jested and pranked but it kept them stable. It kept their little planet spinning. Without his constant happy attitude to even out the more serious members of the team everything could fall to pieces.

Especially to Ben was he a guide and shining example. Even if they both struggled with their past mistakes and fear of the future, Kai kept him from shattering. Kai held him together in his arms and everything was okay. Okay. Not perfect, but safe. Ben hoped that one day he'd be able to do the same for his bright and beautiful partner.

Kai may have wanted to catch stars, but how is that possible when you are one?
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I should be using other characters but I don't wanna hnng

I did like her, I really did. She was the most beautiful, courageous, exciting woman I had ever met. She was full of surprises, but that wasn't always good. She wouldn't open up, wouldn't tell the truth. I never have been a good liar. It couldn't work.

She was the dark, the night, velvet and rose petals and wine evening gowns and mystery.
I'm the morning, the earth, cotton sleep shirts, bitter coffee with cream, a bed of dandelions. We didn't work.
Sure, the memories were very nice. Yes, she reminded me of what I can't be. Of course, she was my total opposite.
But she didn't make me happy. And I can't blame her for it.
I don't think I made her happy, either.

I did like her, yes, but I don't think it was destiny. I think it was circumstance. A test.
That niether of us ever thought of taking it further.
Maybe it was my fault.

I'm sorry, Astasia.


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