May. 25th, 2015

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Only Angela really knows who these characters are, but I'd like to use them more often so I need to practice. Cheers to my beautiful blond babes!

(Once again not canon btw)

It was summer, and Stephen thought she was scary.

School had only just begun, freshman year, and Stephen already had found a friend in the bookworm of a boy down the street. They were thinking about getting a band together. 

Yet "she" was constantly picking at the back of his mind. Like a pickaxe on a block of marble.

The long, yellow-blonde hair. The way she refused to wear her uniform properly. The piercing brown eyes like that of an eagle.

Stephen was terrified, but he was also intrigued. 


It was fall, and Stephen thought she was cool.

He and Andrew (the bookworm now had a name) had gone through with the band thing. Virtuoso was the current name. Stephen on guitar, Andrew on vocals. It was nice.

He'd finally worked up the nerve to talk to her. She'd brushed him off, of course, but it was a start. So cool.


It was winter, and Stephen thought she was nice.

Andrew and Angela, blondie's sister, were definitely becoming a thing. It was so obvious; they had that lovey-dovey look in their eyes. Kinda gross.

Of course, that meant that Stephen got to talk to her sister more. It turns out she wasn't as scary as he'd thought she was. She was going to play drums in their band, so she couldn't be that bad, right?


It was spring, and Stephen thought she was beautiful.

Was it something in her now common smiles? Her chuckles? The way she'd punch his arm playfully and he'd pretend it didn't hurt? Lauren was great. Every little thing about her. 
Stephen had needed a year to realize it, but he'd gladly wait a thousand more for her to feel the same.
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Not really proud of this one, but in order to improve your writing you need to write. Onwards!

He could always feel their stares burning into the back of his neck, like he was a repulsive creature that they needed to be rid of. 
It could be at home, near the school, in a field, out of sight. 

Even if there was nobody present, Ben could hear them taunting. The other children, the elders, his own parents. Teasing. Laughing. They would never accept how differently he felt about their home. 

How badly he wished to leave the dried up grasslands and the dark forests! He loved the flowers and the greenery, but his curiosity was getting the better of him. The young boy longed for the lights he saw in the distance as the herd traveled from forest to forest across the land in search of shelter. The twinkling yellow specks on the horizon made from channelled lightning and things he couldn't yet comprehend beckoned. 

There was much more to people than rocks and rivers. More to his life than dirt for a bed and branches for a roof. There was something, someONE out there that he was destined to see, and he would get to them even if it meant leaving the forest behind forever. 


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