May. 24th, 2015

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The first of my many drabbles of the challenge! Could be considered an epilogue thing to Mel's recent entry. Probably not canon, but I digress.

The second he'd seen the new addition to the household he'd physically cringed.

Was the guy straight out of the sea or something? His dark hair was like seaweed, tangled and wavy, and his skin tanned as a surfer's. Hobbling over to the sofa, Ben could've sworn the other was cursing under his breath from pain as he walked. 

He could practically smell the saltwater and sandy shores from across the room. Oh god, was this guy a mer? Looking over the newbie once more, imagining a scaly tail and the like, it seemed to fit. 

Yet the brunet realized that he couldn't judge the other. He'd been the same when he'd first arrived: messy-haired, wobbly-legged, and scared. Maybe the other needed the same things he had. Adventure. Friends. A new life. Maybe he'd just wanted to be... part of this world.

After a moment's pause (partially from snickering at his own joke) Ben channeled his inner social butterfly and joined the boy on the sofa. He caught the other's sea glass blue eyes with a small smile. 

"Welcome home."
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The piano struck a chord with me
A bittersweet monochrome melody
Reminder of when I was at peace
Keys smashed in matching cacophony

I hate when music loses magic
What used to make your heart sing loud
The words you shouted that had power
Are stuck in your head and won't come out

If life had a set of instructions
They'd look like a sheet of piano tunes
Because the emotion and effort you put into playing
Are what you share and if not, what you lose

I wanted to sing together but I don't know how
Maybe I'm more acapella now.


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